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Hello and welcome to the One Hour Vacation massage program.  This is a program that rolls back the prices of a massage to pre 2005 levels.  It is designed as a relaxation time where you or your family can, for a small fee, guarantee the price of a massage not to change for a 12 month period.

This lets you plan your life to include the benefits of regular massage without breaking your bank or being tied to a long term contract.  We are a small company with a Gold star rating at the BBB which we intend to keep.  We are passionate about massage and great customer service. 
One Hour Vacation
Massage Program

Price roll back
pre- 2005 levels!    
  • Low monthly membership including the family
  • Only $11.00 for singles $17.00 for a couple or family of 4
  • $49 per massage
  • Clear and open agreement
  • No fine print
  • Full 60 minute hour
  • Your time starts when you get on the table.
  • Qualified therapists
  • All therapists are state registered and fully tested
  • Pay the therapist directly
  • Ample time before and after the session.

Why Join a Massage Club?  

         The long term health benefits of receiving consistent massages are well documented and new research is being added at a dizzying pace. Massage is known to improve everything from muscle tone and flexibility to food absorption and immune system function. Many famous athletes, entertainers, and business executives take time out of their busy schedules to get massage, not because they can afford it, but because they know how valuable that hour of relaxation time is to the rest of their lives.          

        With the One Hour Vacation (OHV) Massage Club, you can add massage therapy as an important part of your health and lifestyle plan, at a reasonable and affordable rate.          

        With OHV Massage Club you are not paying in advance for massage sessions, so you will only pay for what you actually use, and you are not locked in to a long, cumbersome contract.   You can choose to pay with the method on file when you set the appointment, or pay the therapist directly at the time of service. OHV Massage Club will send you an email each month, when your dues are billed, reminding you that it is time to book a massage. Our goal is to encourage you to come in, not get lost in your billing statement!          

        At Colorado Injury Care, we believe that a massage should be laid back and relaxing, so you always get a full 60 minute session, and we leave ample time before and after to allow for some of life’s little  surprises.

Call us, and get started today! 

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