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John Larkin (720) 331-8446--I have been active in the Denver massage community for over thirteen years from spa work to injury rehabilitation. My educations started in the Free University system and then to the first class of the Cottonwood School of Massage (now Cortiva).  Most recently I completed an Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy from High Tech Institute (Cambridge College) where I was Massage Therapy Program Manager.
  The formal world of education wasn’t for me so now I am back in the business world.
  My approach to massage is twofold.  First the body will hold your activities mental, spiritual and physical as aches and pains which a good deep massage can help.  Second when you add intention to solve specific areas of your life, massage can put you on an express train to success.
  As Sherry pursued a more tried and true medical approach, I was learning an esoteric yet medical approach to injury recovery called Neural Integrative Technique.  This simple technique allows quicker recovery time and work on the ‘root’ of an injury.
  I also recorded and finally released a guided visualization CD , available on that lets you extend your massage experience through mental exercises.  For more information follow this link:
  So whether you need deep painful work to get a shoulder moving correctly or just want to relax, treat yourself to my work.  Life will be better afterwards. License #576

Sherry Larkin (720)291-1938--I graduated from the Center for Advanced Therapeutics in 1997, and now have over fourteen years experience as a medical and therapeutic massage therapist, and more than 500 hours of additional training in orthopedic testing, evaluation and treatment for specific injuries and chronic pain.
  I love working with clients to unravel the postural patterns that are holding their pain in place. After fourteen years, I am still amazed at how differently each client responds to massage, and it is still an adventure to work with each new person, to find what works best for them. I firmly believe that free movement is the key to most chronic pain conditions, and I use a lot of specific techniques, including Muscle Release Technique , therapeutic exercise, and myofacial release to restore your body to its fullest possible range of motion.License #577

My philosophy is to provide relief from chronic pain, muscular overuse, and sports injuries while promoting healing, stress reduction, improved sports performance, and relaxation.  Through a combination of western and eastern styles of manual and massage therapies and bodywork techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular trigger point, and Thai massage as well as energy work and other modalities, I approach each persons body uniquely while working to create a better quality of life for each individual client.

I have over 11 years of massage therapy experience beginning with acupressure and shiatsu while living in SE Pennsylvania. In Denver, I graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA), including their highly regarded 300 hr Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program.

My studies have also taken me to Thailand, India, and Nepal where I have had the opportunity to learn Thai massage and study under various teachers and healers. Thai massage is a style of bodywork/massage that is performed on a floor mat with the recipient wearing loose clothing. It is commonly referred to as a lazy man's yoga, as the body is passively stretched and contorted in yoga-like positions. It is complemented with compression and point work of the energy lines of the body.

Presently, I am enrolled in the 110 hr Lymphatic Drainage program at CSHA. With this extra education I plan on expanding my skills and knowledge of the human body to include working on clients with Edema, Lymphedema, and other subclinical conditions.

I am also certified and work part-time as a personal trainer and yoga teacher. License # 7597

Kevin Emery (303)547-7347--Kevin is a Chicago native who recently moved to Denver. He graduated from National University of Health Sciences on December 16, 2006 with a Certification in Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Assisting. He became Licensed in Massage Therapy in June 2007 and is a member of The American Massage Therapy Association.
  Kevin is also certified in Cosmetology, and is a consultant for PartyLite Candles and Princess House. License #9248

Tamara Stevenson (720) 422-7335
--I received my certification from the Evergreen school of Healing Arts in 1982.
     I have enjoyed working in various health care settings from massage for wellness to orthoneuro rehabilitation.
    Each session holds new challenges for client and therapist.  As a therapist I must first listen and then offer the most appropriate treatment based on client preference, knowledge and experience.

    My bag of tools include but are not limited to swedish, deep tissue, intraoral and or TMJ work, needle free acupuncture, myofacial release, all successfully used to eliminate pain and restore range of motion. License #849

Danielle McNally (720)315-6438-- Danielle is a trained sports massage therapist, whose studies emphasized injury evaluation and treatment, strength training, flexibility, rehabilitation, and working with clients in chronic pain. She is also experienced in deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy and trigger-point release. Danielle comes to us from Florida, and has been a massage therapist for 6 years.  License #9861

**Danielle is currently available by appointment only. Please call or email her directly to book an appointment.


My journey as a massage therapist began in 2003 when I completed massage therapy training at the Center of Advanced Therapeutics. I went into the field of massage therapy with one ambition in mind, I wanted to help people feel better by utilizing a natural form of health care.

Massage is a fundamental key in overall wellness. My goal is to educate clients on the effectiveness of therapeutic bodywork, prove the many benefits of massage through positive results and encourage health and wellness as a lifestyle. I love having the opportunity to help my clients be at their best physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have been a practicing massage therapist for over 7 years, providing deep tissue, myofascial therapy, neuromuscular technique, pre/post natal, swedish and sports massage. I specialize in the treatment of sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee, hip and back pain, tendinitis, headaches and neck trauma. While deep tissue work is my specialty, I understand how beneficial a lighter touch can be and always accommodate my clients individual needs.

Massage therapy is a healing art that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Therefore, my rates are competitive and I offer discounted sessions to my first time clients. License # 11216

I'm available for clients and One Hour Vacations members, but do not participate in any Daily Deal coupon redemption's. To schedule an appointment, call me directly at 720-244-8570.

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